Call of Duty fanboys need not apply.

User Rating: 8.5 | Heavy Fire: Afghanistan PS3
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan for the PS3 is all that its cracked up to be. It's an old school shooter for old school gamers. If you ever played "Operation Wolf" in the 1980s and loved it, then this game is for you.

Sure the action is on rails, but this is what an old school shooter is all about. And this is what today's gamers do not know, and thus, are unable to appreciate.

I loved this game from the minute I started playing. The graphics and sound effects are outstanding for a $20 game. The developer, Teyon deserves high praise for designing a genre of game that has been missing from today's FPS category, and one that belongs in any gamer's library who appreciates old school gaming.

With that said, Heavy Fire: Afghanistan comes HIGHLY recommended for shooter fans who are willing to give Call of Duty a rest for a few hours to play and appreciate this old school game.