Very fun, beautiful game that is only truly marred by its length and some standard boss battles.

User Rating: 7.5 | Heavenly Sword PS3
Ok I did enjoy it but as you all know its very short. Only took a few sittings to complete the game. I think everyone knows this by now but that is its major failing point.

Now even though the game is short its definitely packed full of goodies, there isn't a dull moment in this game. We have some excellent graphics and a setting I was actually surprised by with the majority of the game taking place in a very vibrant city with giant cliffs and gorgeous waterfalls. I was expecting a dark setting but this is very mythological in a way. Definitely a refreshing look for a game. Great art direction, which in my opinion is the most important aspect of graphics in a game now.

The characters are essentially well done though two of the main bad guys they were just stereotypical psychopaths. Now the King is so well done, could be one of the best portrayed villains in a game. Note i say portrayed, this does not mean he was my favorite villain in general. What i mean by this is he is well acted by Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings fame.

The story is generally interesting with you the heroine taking up the heavenly sword to protect your people and crush the evil king but in doing so the sword will eventually kill you. It starts at this point with you dying with the sword then it backtracks 5 days and you play up until that point. Its nothing in depth but its more then adequate to carry the game. There are some good funny moments in the game showing a much lighter side of things which at first seems out of sync but eventually sink in and you look forward to seeing more.

The gameplay is simple and easy to get right into the mix. The fighting is definitely very fun especially when you use super combos which instantly kill an opponent in a very cinematic way going into slow motion so you can see the damage your inflicting on your victim and the many more that are surrounding you.

There is another character you get to play who is a worm eating freak of a girl but she is surprisingly likable. I always hate kids in movies so this is strange for me. Her missions are basically her shooting from a perched position at incoming enemies. You use the six axis controls to guide arrows at your enemies, this can hard at times but you get use to it. It does get a bit tedious when you have to run around with her because your just basically shooting like mad and enemies up close to take them down and your not able to go into the slow motion six axis control mode. This was a problem but not overly so.

Now a beef i did have with the gameplay was that it was far to forgiving. Once you complete one fight you often get all your health back, i think this should have been balanced a bit more since this made the game on the easy side. I also think this helps cause it to be so short since you just blast your way through knowing you will not be punished for much.

The boss fights were another issue. They were fun but on a whole felt a little uninspired. Mostly relying on types of cycles that they go through. Its a standard that has been in games for a while now. Not entirely bad but if the bosses were more based on your skill during the rest of the game rather then knowing that if the boss starts doing X you have to do Y and you will win.

Now i cant tell anyone to lay out the full price for this unless you really do have the money to put down on it but if your not rich like most of us I would just wait for a rainy weekend, do yourself a favor and rent this. You will be done by Sunday and would have fully enjoyed it. Though if you can pick it up used that may be an option as well.

Very fun, beautiful game that is only truly marred by its length and some standard boss battles. Rent it if you haven't you wont be disappointed.