Hearts of Iron III Cheats For PC

  1. Misc. Codes

    Press ~ to bring up console, enter code, and press Enter.

    Effect Effect
    instantconstruction or inc 1 day construction with sufficient IC for production
    instantresearch or inr 1 day reasearch with sufficient leadership
    crudeoil Gives 1000 Crude Oil
    Energy Gives 1000 Energy
    Fuel Gives 1000 Fuel
    Metal Gives 1000 Metals
    Money Gives 1000 money
    supplies Gives 1000 Supplies
    nukes Gives you 10 nuclear bombs
    addofficers Gives you 100 officers
    rarematerials Gives you 1000 Rare Materials
    noneutrality Lowers your neutrality to 0
    debug fow Toggles fog of war
    debug yesmen Toggles if AI will accept your every diplomatical proposal (sometimes may not work)

    Contributed by: balony82, RRtexasranger13, Ricoxs, Sharzakenator