Cool Platform game

User Rating: 7 | Heart of Darkness PC
This was one of the games I requested for my birthday which I'm glad I got.

Heart of Darkness was a 2d platform game which you control a boy called Andy as you see him in a cut scene at the start of the game. He was day dreaming in class so the teacher decides to drag him into a cupboard or something. He hated that because of the darkness. Then something really bad happens to his dog later on like getting stolen by the master of darkness.

Heart of Darkness was one of those games I thought was really good. The reason I thought it was good was the basic graphics which looked really nice indeed for it's time. Another reason was it's a differently fun game to play because fighting weird monsters jumping off of things, One level you have to do a lot of climbing as well as getting chased by spiders. Another level you have to dodge lava jumping up which if you touch you die straight away.

I found all of that fun.

This game is about 10 or 11 year old just shows you how fast time goes by.