great adventure, if you're willing to get sucked in..

User Rating: 8.7 | Heart of Darkness PC
First of all. I played and beat this game back when i was in about grade 6. i was completely immersed into the story, feeling scared with Andy being in this hellish alternate reality with monsters and untold things... his dog lost. I really felt like i was along for the adventure too. Being sixteen, when i look back, if i had played this now i would not have been so immersed into the world. Staying up late in my room huddled up convinced i was in the screen fighting for these people.

Alot of people say how annoying and unresponsive it is. It is hard, I'll say that, you will die in about the first 2-3 scenes when you first play. Once you get the feel and idea that there is no mercy just because the main character is a little boy, you will find that it is just challenging and extremely rewarding once you figure out that puzzle that was on the tip of your tongue and you move on, to the next intrigueing part of the story.

The story moves along quite well, like a movie. It's deeper than it originally seems at first. Building up to a climatic finish with an encounter with the source of evil, the heart of darkness itself. The words spoken by the main enemy still strikes me today, 'what's the matter Andy, afraid of the dark?..'

Although the ending is quite disapointing. Although some might find it comforting.

I would recommend this if you are young, and up for some hard work, immersion and slight scares i highly recommend this to you. A true adventure that gives you that nostalgic feeling looking back.

I only wish i could find my old copy XD