My favourite retro game!

User Rating: 10 | Heart of Darkness PS
Heart Of Darkness is about a boy around 10 years old. At the start of the game we meet Andy he has fallen asleep in class and his teacher wakes him up. Andy is then put in a cupboard and the bell rings. So he runs out of school and his teacher says behind him that there is a test tommorow about the eclips tonight. So he goes with his dog Whiskey to see the eclips that night. As he is watching it weird thing begin to happen and Whiskey is sucked up into the air. After this he runs home and goes up into his tree house where his home made space ship is sitting.

Throughout the game you will fight different kinds of enemys to start with the enemys are fairly easy to kill. But as the game continues you will have to use skill and actually think of how your going to kill your opponents. There is also some stratagey throughout the game like growing seeds and pressing buttons to open different doors and path ways.

At the end of the game you have to collect parts of a stone. Then afte rthis you fight the main boss and the game ends with Andy back at his treehouse. Walking around with a fake gun then Whiskey jumps on him and we find out he was imagining the whole game you play.

Weapons -

At the start of the game you have a gun and helmet. But if your good at the game after 10 minutes you will lose it when a monsters eats them (Part of the story)

Whilst you are underwater you touch a stone which gives you speacial powers you can fire beams out of your hands or a stronger beam which takes a few seconds to charge up.

Near the end of the game you are eaten by the monster. That eats your gun near the start of the game. You then blast your way out of the monsters stomach.

Good characters -

In the game you fall of a cliff and a flying monster catches you. You then ask his name and he says Amigo. You get split up from him when you are attacked. Later he saves you again and you learn that there is more of them infact there is hundreds of them. They help you through the game!

Extra -

You get 3D glasses which you put on at the end of the game. It is basically a treat for completing the game and it is so cool! XD


Heart Of Darkness is a very good game and I would recomend it for everyone!