This is a creepy yet amazing game. It was part of my childhood and it's a pity I can no longer play it on my modern PC.

User Rating: 7.5 | Heart of Darkness PC
Overall, the game is amazing. The storyline is amusing and the game play is kind of addictive. It can also get a bit difficult at points. But the story invites you to keep playing.

The atmosphere of the game is a bit creepy, considering the plot, the monsters, and the graphic ways Andy can die in the game. I found myself getting a bit stressed when I played it for a long time, and I wouldn't suggest any healthy child to play this game without supervision. It can really disturb you more than Left for Dead. But if you are into creepy games, you should try this one.

The graphics are well-made for a game of its time and the cut-scenes are kind of hilarious and epic at the same time. This game was part of my childhood and I'm currently trying my best to run it on my PC, although I won't be playing it as much as I would back then.