A good game though short.

User Rating: 8.2 | Heart of Darkness PC
This game is definitly worth playing, the graphics are really fine and the enviroments are mostly animated with moving plants, objects and backgrounds.

in the beginning of the game an eclipse takes your dog.
the main character (Andy) is quite a whizz and uses his flying machine to save his dog.

you start in this strange world where shadows live, to blast them you use your electro gun but you lose this weapon after a few minutes of playing (some hungry monster felt like eating it)
but you obtain a new kind of power bij touching a glowing rock.
This gives you power to fire bolts and even charging up to fire bigger bolts.
You also use it to grow seeds to trees so you can climb them.

in the game you meet some pretty vague toony creatures that live around and try to defend themselves from the dark monsters.
you'll notice you have to insert disc 2 pretty fast.
The game isn't really big, but worth beating it a second time.

the cutscenes are really funny/cool but there isn't really a story in the game.
This fantasy world works really well and i really enjoyed playing the game.