Miku Hatsune's Project Diva has to be the best Music game I've played ever

User Rating: 9 | Hatsune Miku: Project Diva PSP
Well Miku Hatsune has now found her way into her own game. Only released in Japan it is a easy game to play in Japanese but can be quite expensive to import but is it worth it?

Gameplay- The game has lots of Vocaloid songs, the aim of the game is to get a high enough score to pass the level. The song will have a video in the back ground and shapes of the buttons will appear on the back, that button will fly in from the screen and you have to press it in time. (May have explained it poorly but its hard to explain the best thing to do is to look it up on YouTube.) Reaching certain scores will unlock new songs to play along with new costumes for Miku to wear, and new items for her room. Miku's room is a part of the game where you can decorate her room with the items you have unlocked with rewards you unlock from songs. Its a very small part of the game but is still fun to play are with every so often.

Graphics- Besides seeing cute Miku the game has been very well developed with very good animation of Miku's dancing and movements. The video's are also very well put together and entertaining, as well as fitting into the music well.

Sound- the sound is great if you love Miku's music, if not or you don't know what it is then I suggest you look it up and listen to it 1st as its not for everyone.

Replay value- The game has a lot of replay value and is very fun to play. Its a great game that you can keep coming back to and playing.

Summary- If you are a fan of Vocaloid and the whole music scene around it then I really recommend it. If you're not then I don't recommend it. Very easy to play in Japanese, but can be quite expensive to import. Great music and fun to play and that why I recommend this game to anyone who is interested.

+ Great Music
+ Great Animation
+ Nice extras
+ Easy to play in Japanese
+ Easy to play Hard to master

- Can be very expensive
- Requires the scene of music