Project Diva is back and onto the Vita

User Rating: 9 | Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f VITA
Project Diva makes it way to the Playstation Vita for the 1st time For those new to the series the game is a music rhythm based around the world of Vocaloid. The game involves you pressing the right button as it flies across the screen to the point where you have to press it to put it simply.

The game has 32 songs to play plus a tutorial Song, which is less than the last game which had 36. Each song has its own PV which is watchable without playing after finishing the song. The PV's are very nice and very well done using the HD on the Vita.

Like all music games theres going to be songs that you love and songs you hate, But In general most of the music in this game is pretty good. There are 6 vocaloids in the game, Miku, Rin, Len, Luka , Kaito and Meiko. Each Character has 2 songs each where they are the main vocal and some have other vocaloids in the song. I was kind of disappointed in the fact that each vocaloid only got two songs besides Miku who has over 20 songs which I thought was a shame personally I'd of liked to see more Luka. Though saying that the game does let you replay levels as the vocaloid you want.

Along with a reduction in songs there is also a reduction in the amount of costumes to unlock compared to Project Diva Extend which was also a little disappointing. But the game has changed the Room in the game where your vocaloids live. In this version you can give your vocaloids presents and play games with them to increase their relationships which unlocks you new room items and a trophy for maxing each character.

The game has also introduced some VR into the game using the Vita camera. You can take pictures with you camera posing the vocaloid and costume of your choice in to the photo which is a little fun though the vita's camera is not the best in the 1st place. The game also includes a Poster VR card which when placed down Miku will pop up and sing, dance and move where the poster is, this feature offers 4 PV's to choose from.


The game itself is fantastic and a lot of fun to play featuring some great songs and costumes. It would have been nice to have more variety than just Miku and it would have been nice to have Gumi in there somewhere But besides that its a great game, The game plays solid and there's a lot of content to unlock to keep you entertained. Returning players may find the game a bit weird at first with the menus and layout but will soon get used to it.

When it comes down to the question of should I or Shouldn't I import the game I'd give the answer yes If your a fan of the series or the music genre. If you're interested in the game and not played one before I would listen to some of the songs and watch some game play to get an idea of what your getting into.

+ Costumes are great
+ Trophies
+ Great Music

- Too Much Miku
- Only 32 Songs
- Quickly Finished