Great music,beautiful environments and what's not to love about Vocaloids?

User Rating: 8 | Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f VITA

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f is the only Hatsune Miku Project Diva game I've played so I can't compare it to the other ones,but I can say it was an enjoyable experience even though I'm not a big fan of music/rhythm games.What makes HMPDf stand out to me amongst other music games is it's beautiful CGI's and the enjoyable music from the vocaloids(singing voice synthesizers that are in the form of virtual people who have personalities).The vocaloids sing songs from various genres including J-pop,rock,the more gentle type of music that has a bit of emotional or spiritual touch,gothic influenced songs,techno/electro style music etc.

I really did like every song to an extent and some of the songs are catchy or very beautiful.The CGI's go well with the songs and show the vocaloid/s that are singing the song doing something in the environment and I love the song  タイムマシン because it sounds very delicate and relaxing and I like how you'll see rural Japanese countryside with lovely flowers and a view of the sea while Hatsune Miku interacts with the environments.I also like the song モノクロ∞ブルースカイ which is quite spiritual and you get beautiful views of the sky.

There's songs for a variety of themes though,such as nostalgia,Christmas,fantasy,pets,punk,video games,space,city etc.Like I said,the CGI's and art styles for the themes are done beautifully and the vocaloids do activities while they sing.

Some songs have more than one vocaloid singing,there's a male vocaloid but the rest of them are female.

Like all music games you need to match commands with the rhythm of the music and the amount of different buttons you'll use and how many times you use touch screen inputs during songs depends on the difficulty level you choose.There is times you'll need to swipe the touch screen in time with the rhythm or press a button or a combination of buttons or hold a button and release it in time with the rhythm.

Each song has a pass mark on the song gauge and every time you time a rhythm command well enough you'll see a ''fine'' or ''cool'' mentioned on the screen and the gauge will be increased but if you don't time it well enough in accordance with the rhythm you'll see either ''safe'' ''sad'' or ''worst'' mentioned on the screen.Safe means you didn't time it well enough to increase the gauge but not bad enough to decrease the gauge but if you time the inputs poorly or miss one all together you'll get a ''sad'' or ''worst'' which decreases your gauge.

There's technical zones in the song which occur during the more rhythmically demanding times during a song and executing the technical zones perfectly gives you gauge bonuses,so does chaining long combos of ''fine'' or ''cool'' which will be represented by a number but if you receive a ''safe'' or anything worse it will stop the combo.

Near the end of each song you have a chance of extending the song to increase your chances of reaching the pass mark on the gauge by getting a certain number of ''fine'' or ''cool''.

Besides just playing songs,you can also do virtual life sim stuff with each vocaloid and you can try to buy it stuff to make it happy(food,drinks,furniture,new clothes that it can wear) and decorate it's room and see what it gets up to when you visit it's room and you can play scissors,paper,rock with it.The vocaloids are adorable and can get in a happy or cranky mood depending on what you do for it and what you do to it(you can touch it and rub it's head using the touch screen but you need to do it gently otherwise you'll make it cranky and if you rub it's head for too long it will become cranky but rubbing it's head gently for the right amount of time will make it happy).

There's over 30 songs but trying to beat them all on the tougher difficulty levels can be challenging and can take a while.

This game is only in Japanese language.

There isn't really anything negative I can say about this game but whether you like it or not will depend if you like Japanese music and whether you can enjoy music games.