this game is what a lot otakus are been waiting for?

User Rating: 10 | Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F PS3
this game is like a quick time event smashing button even that the game can be big replay value customization are great character models look fantastic the song are joy to listen, you can lower the difficulty if you having trouble which a lot people are new into this games might have. but for people who got used to the game is joy to play this game and listen to the music, I mean all the soundtracks are fantastic.

overall: this game is wonderful for those who likes Japanese song like me, and people who are new to the game might get quickly get into to it, or maybe not, well it all depends in people taste in music, but overall this game is worth of people times for those who likes j-pop or people who likes quick time event games or arcade games. for years otakus from outer japan are been waiting a miku game in their console, this game is fantastic I need to give Sega their credits to bring this game outside of japan