Harvest Moon is a pleasant, easy going game that will bring a tear to your eye. (Because you harvest onions.)

User Rating: 8.9 | Bokujou Monogatari SNES
:Good Idea:
·The game itself is very original. It's a one of a kind experience. It's like if the Sims mixed with SimFarm mixed with a Earthbound look.
·You can get married, upgrade your house, plant tons of veggies, and even suffer through a hurricane. That sounds like a winner to me.
·The music is awesome. I usually don't care about game music but the soundtrack really grows on you in this game.

:Bad Idea:
·Some of the dialog is just pretty boring. It's the same thing over and over which limits the imagination of these villagers being real.
·Game is pretty long and when you beat it, you don't continue to play. That only major downside of the game.

·This Harvest Moon is actually one of the top ten games I hold to be perfect for the SNES collector. It's a great game plus, even today, you can sit down and play it and still have fun. A very rare feat!