Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Cheats For Wii

  1. Easily Raise Shelly's Heart Level

    Every time you speak to Shelly and request a rucksack upgrade, Shelly gains heart points - even if you don't have the items to create the upgrade. To easily get Shelly to 10 hearts, request the rucksack upgrade over and over when you don't have the necessary materials with you. This is useful because the amount of money you make working part-time at the Tailor Shop is based solely on Shelly's heart level; therefore, if you raise her heart level this way, you can easily make a lot more money in your part-time Tailor Shop work.

    Contributed by: DDJ 

  2. Increase Villagers' Affection Fast

    Every day you can increase villagers' affection by 10% of a heart by giving them gifts until they no longer accept them. Giving them unliked gifts lowers their affection, but you are then allowed to give them extra gifts to make up for that lost affection. There is no limit to the number of unliked gifts you can give per day, and once you decrease their affection to zero it won't go any lower. However, you can continue to give them unliked gifts, which will still increase the number of favored gifts you can give. This effectively allows you to give an unlimited number of favored gifts, bypassing the 10% cap.

    For example, you can raise a villager's affection to 1 heart in a day by first giving them 30 hated gifts and then giving them 10 loved gifts (The villager must start with less than 1 heart).

    Similarly, you can raise a villager's affection to 10 hearts in a day by first giving them 330 hated gifts followed by 100 loved gifts. Note in this case it does not matter what the villager's affection is to start with since their affection will be lowered to zero after giving them 330 hated gifts regardless.

    Contributed by: mister_jmp 

  3. New Game+

    Create the 5 rainbows, reawaken the Harvest Goddess, make the Journey Rucksack and present it to your child to access a New Game+ option where you can play as your child on a new (but identical) island, retaining all your current money and your Makers.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reawaken the Harvest Goddess and give your child the Journey Rucksack New Game+

    Contributed by: DDJ 

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