was my controller broken while playing this?

User Rating: 2.5 | Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete PS2
first off, i want to say this is pretty much a rant on a bad control scheme. there, warning finished.

the game starts out with you owning probably one of the biggest farms a person could have in the HM series. you have a long lasting tutorial, but i found it wasn't easy to soak up, because there was so much to learn. being a harvest moon veteran, i'm used to saying: water the plants, feed the animals, talk to people, there, easy game. not in this one. i realized that you have to stop moving before you can actually rotate the camera. what crap is that? and it seems like the enviroment is too dull for a harvest moon game. you have a problem with that? you think it's a design flaw? maybe. a wonderful life came out after save the homeland. a wonderful life was wonderful in all it did. enviroment, people, and a simple, almost invisible storyline.

look, i had an outdated controller, and i was playing this in 2011. it was also a pre-used game, so maybe i've got my feelings wrong. but i don't think this is worth a buy. rent it first.