Good Veggies Gone Rotten

User Rating: 2 | Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete PS2
Harvest Moon is(maybe was)the one of the most played Japanese game due to its cute graphic but I have to say that Save The Homeland is a downright disaster.

OK, if you watched the videos or screenshots of the game, you would say"the game look good enough for me". Yes, the graphic and audio are great but there's the only best they can do.

Basically in the game is about your character going back to his homeland to collect his granddaddy stuff. Then, he found out that the homeland will be destroy by the developers. The few people he got help are the Harvest Sprites and Harvest Goddess who only can be seen by the main character. In order to save the land, you will have to spark one of nine different endings by yourself without instructions given. What's the point for doing it when no steps are given? Oh well, you can't blame everything.

The game focus on friendships than farming. You will have to make friends with villagers to start the ending(s) of the game. One part by part of the ending will be revealed if you do the right things until the end. Obviously, making friends neglects your management of the farm. Don't sound a good thing? Wait, there is more.

There's no mayor in the homeland. I know this may sound like a shocker to some but something worse than it. There are no festivals celebrated for the whole only year you be there in the homeland. I say only year because if you don't finish any endings in the first year then you will automatically failed the game. Furthermore, if you finish an ending, you will start on the second year doing another ending with every villagers forgetting who the hell are you already.

To earn money, you will have to do part-time job or sell harvested items. When you thought the selling price is fair enough. Items which you can buy are priced sky-high. I mean an egg for 50g and a kitchen worth 10000g that let you cook without a recipe book? Boring.

Save The Homeland delivers entertainment, but does not do any justice to itself and the fans, Harvest Moon fans.