Not Harvest Moon Worthy

User Rating: 5 | Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete PS2
Ok, so I got this game with great anticipation for a new Harvest Moon!!

Regretfully, this game was not like Harvest Moon whatsoever, The point of the game was to save the village from being developed and made more city like. There are many different ways to save the village all relating to generally a skill or a different story line depending on whom you talk with frequently. The problem is when you save the village you start over and so do your relationships with other people and your cash and items as well as the crops you slaved over. This is the main problem because for the most part that is what Harvest Moons usually does best is immerse the player.

This game strays from what made Harvest Moon great, the ability to get married and spend much time on raising animals and crops. It is basically as if they took what could have been another game and slapped Harvest Moon on it

Gameplay: Not the usual formula the game lacks the enjoyability factor.

Graphics: Well done. Looks very clean, although the main character is some sort of unknown sex.

Sound: No complaints here.

Value: none, unless you are a collector like myself.

Overall: its like a watered down halfway complete Harvest Moon title.