Lets start to farm~

User Rating: 9.7 | Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete PS2
For starting:Harvest moon is a life of a farmer

story:you come to take over the farm and start to build up the farm, you have to save the place in one year.

gameplay:walk around , water your plant, taking egg from your chickren, getting milk from cow may seem boringbut once you start doing it for a few week, you will feel yourself as a farmer,
gameplay ( 2 ) : There will be event going on base on the season.
gameplay ( 3 ) : there will be nine way to finish the game, you will have to be good friend with people and also some money you earn from your farm

Graphics: A cute 3D grapics that you will like it ,the background of the land
will make you feel like you are in a farm

sound:great bgm base on the season and also some song of the event

value: worth it

overall: if you want to be a farmer, just get this