While still having some flaws, it is an incredible improvement on HM DS. And shouldnt be missed

User Rating: 8.5 | Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima DS
After playing Harvest Moon DS. I was in doubt about Natsume and Marvellous Interactive's ideas. To be blunt it looked like a GBA game and almost felt like a GBC game. It looked like it was developed by people who develop a pixar movie game. And at the best of times. they were mediocre.

So this game has 3d and makes a lot more use of the touch screen.

Making the visuals a lot better and there fore dont make you wanna go emo for looking at it and lets you use the buttons of the DS free and there fore allowing more features and innovativeness.
The loosely thrown together story of the harvest moon games has been somewhat improved in this installment. after you are washed over board by a storm, you wake up on an island. And slowly you rebuild the island after finding it was once a bustling town.
Marvellous has also included Nintendo WFC in the game, which allow you to, post your ranks and such, i know it made me want to be the best, but there are some people who will always win, but staying in the the top 1000 is a good goal.

Amongst the many changes that have occured in this game, the harvest moon charm has stuck, keeping its fanbase in tact.
Island of Happiness is a great HM game and shouldnt be missed by fans of the series. and i recommend it to those looking for a new series to adore