Although this game offers a fun style of play, compared to the likes of rune factory this is somewhat mediocre

User Rating: 7 | Bokujou Monogatari: Colobocle Station for Girls DS
I love harvest moon but the same repeated actions which seem to be endless fun in other harvest moon games quickly become boring and exhausted. Although i do like this game and i think it bests its male counter part by adding extra things to do with the house and such, and the fact that terrible glitches have been squeezed out. There are different people there now and more people have turned up, meaning more bachelors. They also got rid of a lot of the ways to easily get money, which some will despise but others will like the slight upper in difficulty. The really big problem i found and the element that actually really makes me love Harvest Moon games is gone, there is no where near as much longevity in this game as say Rune factory or Magical Melody leaving heaps of room for improvement though. Meaning i would think of this game as a working progress something that can easily be bested in the next hand held installment. If you love harvest moon games or played this game at a friends house or just think it could be fun i recommend it, cause it is, its only problem is that the games fun factor quickly diminishes after the first year