HM fan for 7 years and I think some people are a bit too harsh on this game...

User Rating: 7 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
I bought this game mainly because I love HM and because of the mixed reviews I've been reading. The main problem people seem to have with Harvest Moon- Boy or Girl is the load time. Don't let that throw you off! Sure, it does take a bit of time to load, but not enough to make this game un-enjoyable. I played this through until fall and found that it had the characters, soundtrack, and events are similar to Harvest Moon-Friends of Mineral Town with a few additions.
The good- Old school HM fun(not at all like innocent life): You get married, take care of animals and crops, go fishing enjoy festivals, ect. You get to be a girl without waiting for a year for the female version(YAY!)
The bad- A BIT slow.
I'd advise you to rent it first though and give it some time. The game really grows on you like every other HM.

Note:From what I've seen HM and the PSP don't mix as well as Nintendo systems and I'm hoping Natsume will be able to work out the kinks.