The game that was so fun and simple on the Game cube makes its way to the PSP and is an utter disaster.

User Rating: 3.5 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
Harvest Moon was probably on of the most popular series' on the Game cube. With its cuddly graphics and its ability to be fun to play, it became very successful. Nevertheless the game tried its hand on the PSP and is absolutely horrible, though the story could have had good potential it was destroyed and there is not one good aspect to this game.

The game sets you up on a neglected farm that you have to restore in three years. Sounds pretty fun so far. Well after the first few fun moments the action starts moving slowly and players will get confused since they will have nothing to do for days at a time. The control scheme fits the game well and is easy to learn but sometimes they become extremely fussy, which adds to the frustration of the game. At times you will find yourself running randomly through your small deserted city finding what to do. All the characters are boring and underdeveloped, and don't help you at all.

The graphics follow the trend and are very basic. The frame rate is horrible especially when running, and the mistakes in the animations show that the game was rushed.

Sounds are also very boring and not very varied. The are just very mediocre and you will be listening to them over and over again.

Harvest Moon could be as successful as it was on the Game cube, but Boy and Girl is not. Its hardly worth reviewing, because it almost seems like not even a whole game, because of its many skipped corners and unpolished edges. Normally when somebody gives a game 3.3 you shouldn't play it and this game certainly gets my 3.3 out of 10.