A great title for the PSP if you liked the original Harvest Moon.

User Rating: 7.3 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
Harvest Moon Boy & Girl is a welcome edition to the PSP. Unlike it's other title for the PSP- Innocent Life, this is exactly what your looking for if you own a PSP and like Harvest Moon. It's a must- have for all those long time fans. But for the new comers to the series, you may not like this game nearly as much. Gameplay- 8/10 It's the same old gameplay from other Harvest Moon games. You grow crops, raise livestock, get married, have a family, the works. Graphics- 6/10 These are basicly the same graphics from the original Harvest Moon game Back to Nature that came out maybe 20 years ago. Your character looks kind of blocky. The loading times are terrible. ex: Pick up your dog, two second wait. Random stops and slow downs. Why? This could have been an easy fix.

Sound- 7/10 The sound is also about the same as the original game. That's good and bad. While it's good music it can go from nostalgic to annoying.

Value- 8/10 It's really not a bad game. It's just an old game that's been made portable. It could really use a couple updates but it's not terrible. Overall: 7.3 If your a long time Harvest Moon fan this is a game you need. If your not, this game is still worth a shot. But some of the younger gamers might be put off by the graphics. Igore them- this is a classic remade.