Harvest Moon Boy and Girl-(Back to nature) For me is fun because of the realistic role playing of this game made for us.

User Rating: 8 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
Harvest Moon Boy and Girl-(Back to Nature) or maybe called the "B&G" is one of my favorite game in this series of HM by natsume, because of its realistic task such us getting married in 3 years, survive the farm in a period of time, joining some competition to gain some rewards. And also what i love about this game is the heart events and the occasions every season, i never missed any of this events, because this the best part of this game. Having played this game makes me more liking the harvest moon series and im looking forward to it.

My Rating for this Game:

Graphics- (7.0) a little bit odd but its ok. I still love it.

Music- (8.5) perfect for the game.

Story- (8.5) nice story very natural. (Back to nature)

All in all this game is not bad as it is. Its depending on the player itself how he/she react and play to this game.
Enjoy Playing!.