My Idea of a Harvest Moon Game

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The developer of Harvest Moon probably aren't going to read this but I have nothing to do so here goes. The major thing I don't like about Harvest Moon is how dead the characters are. They say same things over and over again, it just seems so boring and repetitive. It doesn't take a lot of effort to make them say different things once in awhile so it's not so repetitive. I want them to be more alive. Like their schedule is all over the place. A lot of open world games such as Grand Theft Auto has done this. Something to make the characters within the Harvest Moon series more alive, like they have their own personality and they actually do stuff. Like Kids would go to School everyday except weekends and then grow up to be a teenager. And play Sports like Baseball or Soccer. The goals of Harvest Moon was always to marry the girl of your dream. If it is Karen it is Karen. You win her heart and you propose to her. Have kid and then that is about it. There isn't anything else to give? Why not give us more option? Have multiple Kids instead of just 1. I don't see why not? When they grow up to be a teenager, you can ask him or her to help you with the farm just like the harvest spirit. Depending on how many hearts you have on your child will depend on his decision to help you or not. Maybe there should be an option to for playing your children. You can ask your children that you needed a break for say a week or maybe even months and if it is okay for the children to take over his farm while he rest in the house. So you'll be playing as your child for that remaining duration. Something more to the game is not always a bad thing. For those hardcore Harvest Moon player like myself, "we want to marry the Harvest Goddess" please let us marry the Harvest Goddess and let it be hard. Lots and lots of requirement you need to do before you can marry the Harvest Goddess like it has always been in the past Harvest Moon games. Such as, ship every item within the game befriend everyone in the town obtain the legendary tools of farming ship 10000 of every seed catch every fish within the game something like that for those hardcore Harvest Moon players is always nice. Also when you do marry the Harvest Goddess, please make her stay in the house. It's such a downer in past Harvest Moon games when you do marry the Goddess, she doesn't stay at your house. It sucks and that needs to change. One thing I like about Harvest Moon DS is the size of land you could farm on. I want the game to have huge, when I say HUGE I meant very HUGE. I like the idea of being able to purchase land and expanding your farm. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have over 100 cows and sheep? They'll be separated in different barns, one barns can only contain 10 cows or sheep so you'd need 10 barns for a total of 100. In DS you could only have 8 barns and they can only contain 4 cows each which sucks. Make the world a lot BIGGER and make time last longer. In past HM games, the moment I finish water all my crops, I have no time to do anything else cause it just goes by so fast. More characters to choose from! in DS you could choose many kinds of girls. Give us more characters to interact with and have them be more alive. Let the computer generate it's to do list so that it does different things everyday.