Moondrop Flowers?

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I know that everybody's posting about this, but I too did not collect enough Moondrop Flowers. Anybody willing to trade? I don't have a whole lot, but I'm really desperate. Please let me know! FC: 4742-4920-9358
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I have quite a few,how many do you need?I'm looking for bricks,you wouldn't happen to have any would you?If not,that's OK,I'll just take whatever you have in trade :D

Name: Sasha

Farm: Sunaya

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I need Moon Drop flowers! I have a couple bricks I could give you! I don't have very many so how bout' I give you a silkie egg too :D My friend code is: 5455-9898-9187 whats your friend code? (I'm Kayla)
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Moon drop flowers is available indiscriminately throughout the forest and typically around the mountain region. A good position to get started is by looking into the stump that have vines turning on them. Sometimes you will get more one Moon drop flower and if you want by then you should be contact with Flowers shop Dubai Hope this helps!...