Harvest Moon 3 GBC Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. The River King....w/ out lifting a finger!

    Okay..first of all, you have to do enough part time work to get to this one. After doing a series of work, talk to the lady at the farmers union in the part time work corner. Keep rejecting the jobs she offers you, untill she tells you about catching the River King in 120 days. Select yes, then run back to your farm and call the farmers union. Tell them that you have completed the job! (note: you don't have to actually go out and catch him!) After that, the people will say stuff like you've really comepleted the job and send you the money right away! At 6:00 pm, you will be 72000 richer! That includes bonuses for completing it 120 days early of course. This really works!

    Contributed by: SkyChocobo 

  2. Duplicate Items, Easy Cash

    Go to the shipping screen.
    Choose an item (Press ''A'') that you have A LOT of.
    Move to the maximum # that you have for that item.
    Press ''B'' to cancel away.
    Choose an item (Press ''A'') you want a lot of, whether it be expensive of something you need for a job.
    Press Down once. This number should be many more than what you actually have, usually appears as one less than the total of the item you wanted to sell.
    Press ''A'' and sell that amount.
    Go back into the screen, and notice you have many more than you did. Repeat if desired.

    NOTE: This trick is many times more effective if there is a larger amount between items (55 and 1)

    Contributed by: SeanTheHatGuy 

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