Open World Hogwarts was a great idea. Looks a lot better than previous games. But soooo annoying to play

User Rating: 6 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PC
Roughly following the Book/Movie, Harry Potter is selected to be the teacher of the DA, a secret group of kids who want to learn how to defend themselves against Dark Magic.The School won't learn them, so they take matters into their own hands.

The game looks a great deal better than any of the previous Harry Potter games, and I like the fact that you can explore the castle as an Open World and find little secrets along the way, which in turn gives you points which upgrades your magic and unlocks secrets in the secret room.

The one thing that totally ruins this game is the camera and the controls. Harry is not the easiest character to control. Ron and Hermoine keep getting in the way, and you have zero control over the camera, which cause me a few times of swearing outbursts and frustration.

Spell casting is a bit annoying at times too. It's hard to remember which action does what, and moving things around with Wingardium Leviosa was sometimes a mission.

It's not a particularly long or hard game. The graphics looks really great, and some of the acting is actually decent. I'd only recommend this game to those hard core Harry Potter fans, not anyone else.