Harry Potter in his ledge-walking galore!!!

User Rating: 6 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix WII
This game uses the entire castle of Hogwarts as a playground for the young wizard Harry Potter. This free-roaming aspect is a blessing and a curse. You have a lot of freedom to explore as a player, but that freedom is locked in a constant travel between one end of the castle to the other end, which is awesome, interesting and fun for the first and maybe second time you do it.

Aside from exploring and doing mini games and puzzles, you can have a few duels with the badmouthed Slytherin kids. If you're a loyal fan of Harry and Griffindor and have a depression or something, don't play this game, they are always teasing and making fun of you. It's not cool playing a game with that aura looming over it (I know it is because it's like that in the books and movies, but this is not the sort of feeling most players wanna dive in in the world of Potter).

A little rant: I don't understand how such an interesting franchise with such an intricate magic world doesn't make you do wonderful magic, levitating things is oh so common in fantasy. Also, making and adventure game when some of the action revolving around is moving slowly from ledges doesn't scream "MAGIC"!

Now onto the scores:

1.5 } Gameplay - I for one didn't have many complains for the control scheme, having little problems only on the duels. Sometimes, selecting the object you wanted to cast magic on was difficult. Still, it didn't make me want to pull my hair out.

0.5 } Story -What a mess. I don't know why they put a lot of random cutscenes and wrap it up. This is one of the few games that are bought by fans only (the reason being this is based on the fifth book/movie of the series; and even though there is a tutorial, people who haven't read the books or seen the movies don't have an "introduction" to the world of Potter.

1.5 } Graphics - The castle looks gorgeous and fresh. It really feels nice running through the corridors and courts. The characters looked a little bland on the Wii version, but we all know the differences between the Wii and the PS3 and Xbox (and I don't mind, they looked well).

2.0 } Sound - The music is very beautiful. it's a shame most of the time there is no music. Another good thing are the voices. Most actors gave the voices of their characters and that was nice (Blimey).

0.5 } Replay Value - Well, if you want to collect everything hidden within the game there IS replay value, besides that, one must be a hardcore fan to pick this game and begin it again (it's too tedious!).

6.0 } Total - A game for the fans. Can really make you feel like a wizard in a down to earth way. Still, anyone that looks at things objectively and doesn't have patience of time should skip this part of the series.

Conclusion - "If I get bored I can play chess and Gobstones"

Yeah, you can do that, although that doesn't feel as magical as I thought this game would be.