If you see the game "Accio" it to you !

User Rating: 8.5 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix WII
Have you ever sat down and said to yourself , I'd like to be at hogwarts? Or said , I wonder what it's like to really use a wand ? Well, if you get this game...both of those questions will be answered in a jiffy! In this version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you actually use the Wii remote as a wand ! And for the first time ever, the castle is the exact same size as the set for all of the Harry Potter movies ! Well , lets move on to the review.

Game Play--> 9/10 This time around , its not "do this , then go directly and do this" its kinda " when you feel like it , go and do this". By this I mean, you do everything in your own time. Some people are calling this HP game a GTA type game. Meaning that there is incredible free roam. Go anywhere anytime you want in the HUGE castle. Also, this time there is a streaming environment. Which means.... NO LOAD TIMES ! Also , almost everything is fully interact-able. So, if you see a bench in the courtyard you dont like, Wingardium Leviosa it over into the Great Hall. The game play is the best the series has ever had, but its only drawback is the length of the game itself. I beat the main story in 3 days.

Music--> 10/10 The music in this game is incredible! EA managed to get the ability to use "Hedwigs Theme" from the movies in this game. The music is great, sometime I just left the game on to listen to Hedwigs theme and the other great music's of this game. The music was very very well done on this game. Controls--> 19/10 If you were planning on getting this game for any other system other than the wii, I bet you would be drawn back last minute to purchase this version just for the controls. No longer is it " Press x to cast wingardium leviosa" now its " list the wii remote up to cast wingardium leviosa". This is great because sometimes you really feel like a wizard. Only down side is, the controls can sometimes be unresponsive.Even the wii remote feels like a wand because of its shape and the movements that you make to cast the spells. I think the controls would be the main selling point for this version of the game. Graphics-->10/10 Now, I bet I am going to get some disagreements from some people on this next one. Alot of people are saying that this game is nothing in graphics compared to Ps3 Xbox360 version. And, I bet they are right. But, with the Wii's graphics processors and the wii's standard of games this game is a master piece indeed. The castle looks great especially from the outside. When you are going up the Main Staircase and see all the paintings on the walls you can really compare it to great master-pieces that are already on the Wii such as The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess which was regarded for its graphics. My personal opinion is that this game's graphics are the best on the Wii. Thats right, better than any other game.

So, were you going to the store to buy this game, but you suddenly had second thoughts? Maybe you thought it would be horrible? Gimmicky? As some gamers put it " another movie game that trys to milk its franchise for all its worth" ? Well its not, this game is a game of all games. A master piece to be thought of in years to come. Yes, that is how good this game really is. So if you see this game in a store, pull out your Wii Remote and say ACCIO !