They had the perfect opertunity to make a great game but they failed.

User Rating: 5.5 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix WII
It's time for the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix review for the Wii!

The story follows the plot of the movie and is actually very dull. You will spend most of the game looking for people who want to join Dumbledor's Army and it gets very repeditive very quickly.

The controls are another problem. The basic Combat and Field spells work okay, but when you get into the more advanced ones it gets harder to pull them off.

Now i have to talk about everyone's least favorite character... Umbridge! She is the stupidest and most annoying character in the entire series!

This game actually has my favorite version of hogwarts! ( excpt for Half blood prince) Theres so many portraits and stuff to discover and you can unlock cast interviews and stuff to!

The Combat is preety darn fun actually. Its fun to fling a bench into peoples faces and get into a duel!

I really wanted to enjoy this game, i really did but the controls and the repeditive story line really frustrates me. I give this game a 55%