I want to learn magic at Hogwarts, not do chores.

User Rating: 7 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix X360
As a big Harry Potter fan myself, I was excited to play this game. Sure I found Dolores Umbridge to be extremely annoying in both the book and the movie, but that didn't stop me from playing this game. Once I started playing, I noticed some areas that could have been better and other parts where I was like "wow this game really has potential." but sadly playing throughout the campaign several times left me unsatisfied and wanting more from the Potter universe. The first thing i noticed about this game was it's graphics. The people in it are quite blotchy looking and rough (especially the cut scene with the Centaurs). The visual aspect of this game recovered nicely once I arrived at Hogwarts. The ability to roam freely through the castle was an experience that was heart warming and just plain fun. The mini-games were also fun and I found myself more than once in a heated battle with the computer over a heated game of Wizard's Chess. Spell casting with the analog sticks was very user-friendly and simple enough to remember while in battle.

On to the actual campaign itself. Apart from the few battle scenes, the campaign lacked creativeness, depth and difficulty. The only difference I found between the easiest difficulty and the hardest were the mini games. And there was no Quidditch! The campaign was essentially a chores list with 20-something chores on it with a certain group of Slytherins trying to stop you here and there along the way.

Overall I enjoyed this game on the first play through, but playing the campaign a second or third time through was mainly for achievement purposes only. If you're a Potter fan like me, I will suggest this game but don't prepare yourself for anything amazing.