Fair game,but only if you are a Harry Potter fan

User Rating: 5.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince WII

First of all,I would like to say that this is my first review and that I am Brazilian,so it may have some language mistakes. But let's go to the game.
Overall, this game is not really good,it is very short, easy, but has it's good sides.This was the first HP game I played for Wii, and the thing that I most liked was the spell casting system, through your movement. They made a similar thing in Order of Phoenix for PlayStation 2,but this one is better. It's a good idea in the paper, but they haven't done it very well in the game. You can easily lost a duel because the video-game sees one spell, but you tried to cast another.
As I said before,the game is short, but after you finish it,you can still do some mini-games,such as duel and potions club, or look for the Hogwarts crests,which are little shields(There are 150 hidden over the castle)that you can collect.Each 10 shields you unlock a new thing,like new characters to play in multiplayer dueling club. That was another thing that I liked,the possibility of multiplayer game, but the multiplayer mode wasn't really good , and repetitious, because it only had duels. But you shouldn't miss the chance of being Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood. The duels got better, because in the last game,there weren't many duels,and you could do whatever you want,the game decided who wins or loses.In this one no,you have to defeat the person,otherwise you will have to battle again.Also it has many more duels and action than the other one.
Also, the quiditch matches were good, making you pass through magical rings and avoiding the dummies with the pointer.
The game has it's good sides, mas overall it's very repetitious, with the potions classes, dueling clubs and things like that,which makes you get sick of the game really fast. It evolves from the last game, but unless you're a really Harry Potter fan, you probably will not really like this game.