Good game. But it's a little short. and repetitave.

User Rating: 8.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince WII
When i bought the game i popped it in the wii and started playing. At first I thought the game was amazing, but as i continued it became less exciting.

The game play reminds me of the last game. After four games you can finally wonder freely around an accurate Hogwarts. In the first couple of games the Hogwarts seamed small and just not right. There was a grand staircase with floors. But other than that there was nothing more to the castle. The fourth game (goblet of fire) went downhill by putting the game into levels. But when the 5th game came out you could finally walk around the famouse school that seamed like the real hogwarts.

This countinues into the six game where you can walk freely around the school. But it only ads a few new places. There are three aspects to the game Quidditch, potion making, and dueling.

Quidditch over all is a dissopointment. All you do is point you wii remote at the screen and fly through floating stars. You just let harry catch the snitch.
Potion making i thought was pretty fun. It's new and is enhanced by the fact it's on the wii remote. You read the directions and pour the right substance into the cualdron, if you mess up smoke will rise and you will have to clear it with the nunchuk. Dueling is even bettter. With the wii remote you can cast 5 different spell.

As far as storytelling the game could use some work. You'll e fine if you have read the book but if not it will be tough to know whats going on.

Unfortunatly the game is very short it took me 6 hours to beat it.