Console games made for pc = trash

User Rating: 2.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC
I`ve seen people sayin this game was great ... everyone has their tastes so now i`ll give my review of what i played.

The game is just retarded(i`m sorry if i`m using a hars word but it`s kinda the truth ) U get jumped from location x to a cinematic then u run a bit more then there`s another cinematic , it makes the game feel like there were some random .Avi files thrown in their with a bunch of quests => next Harry Potter game .

Where they actually screwed up was the fact that it`s primarily a console game and secondarily a computer game (hey , consoles bring more money in ... can`t blame the money hungry industry i guess ).

I would rate harry potter 1 above this at any time and place . I remember how i used to run arround with my wand checking every little spot for a secret ( now i gotta left click on highlited objects and that`s about it ... woo hoo imagine the thrill) i remember the dungeons and flyin at quiditch matches ... now u just have to fly on a predetermined path with ur broom and hit some freakin huge star like things .

Apart from the graphics which are decent there`s nothing about the game that satisfies me ... even the soundtrack has nothing to do with the "mystical feeling" the game should provide . All in all a great dissapointment for a huge fan of the game series (except HP4 which was even crappier if u can imagine that)

PS: the fights suck , cast a imobilizing spell+ get near ur oponent+ stupefy = gg ... dammit i`m not that retarded i think i can do more ...