Probably the best Harry Potter game ever made.

User Rating: 9 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC
Before getting this , I had the impression that I was going to play a "Re-make" of The Order of the Phoenix or something. Hell I was wrong..

From the moment it opens , you are immediately immersed in the world of J.K. Rowling.. or more the movie itself, even if the story is fast paced, you'll still end up doing something inside Hogwarts, as the castle is full of new activities like -- Dueling , Quidditch , & the new highly addictive "Potions minigame" which is quite hard at first but funny when you get hold of it.

I still haven't finished the game , but I'm happy enough with what I've seen from it.

This is definitely the best Harry Potter game from all the series. Why? The castle itself is enough to prove it. It's too highly detailed and the developers where kind enough to introduce some new epic locations to explore. As a die hard fan of the Harry Potter books , I can't ask for more !

Anyways, here are my ratings for the game.
Graphics 9 -- (Great physics engine , and it can also be played in non-advanced computers)
Sound 10 (Music reminds you of the movie , but most importantly , sucks you inside this magical world.
Replay Value 9 (I'm sure those fans out there will spend quite a lot of time exploring the castle and maybe even replaying the story).
Gameplay 10 ( Too addictive in my opinion, especially if you're a fan of the series).

Overall 9.5

Thanks for reading my review.