Wormtail and imperised Barty Crouch made this trash

User Rating: 1 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PS3
HP 6 sucks
Womtail and Barty made this and and even though they are my favourite guys this game blows
Why Simply because is a bad game with repitive game play and fetch quests that blow and make you want to smash your game console.
Potion making is the same movement of time tasks which sometimes don't work. You follow instrutions and get it wrong. I hate that But you'd think that potions would be once a week. Just afterwards a friend comes over and asks you to make another potion but you need to make another potion to join the club and then you make the potion . And when the gameplay is bad you will want to die.

Flying is gripy. Up is down and down is up. Even in my 4th playthrough I was still making rookie mistakes and moving in the wrong direction when I was trying to movr simply through the rings. Why coudn't these guys make up up and down down.

Duling well is sometimes boring and easy to win. you spam moves until the oppent is KO. So Horrible, I don't feel like I;m trying,

So graphics, bad chracters flap and look red eyed and showdy in some cases. Hogwarts is nice allowing to explore loads of areas. But there are no secrets and no distrutions other than playing optional potions of flying clubs. Why would you? it's bad

So your timetable fetch quest after quest, favour after favour and potion after potion. Bad game. I wouldn't be surprsied if you cut of your finger to get away.