At last it seems like they are getting closer to the perfect Harry Potter game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC
Building on the last game really helped the team on this installment of the game. You can see that they used the same engine they used in the previous game but this time they did it right.

Following the story line of the movie and the books a lot more closely this time around, the game makes the most of the Spells, Potions and Quiddich. The game looks stunning and again you are able to walk all over the castle without loading screens. Again there are secrets to unlock and shields to collect. There is also a Dueling club, Potions Club and Quiddich practice pitch that you can use to keep yourself busy.

Things they have improved on this time is the fact that you can actually change the camera to get a better view of the place. The Spells in battles have also been improved a lot and made a lot more simple than before. Though dueling, even the worst death eaters, was very very easy and rarely gave any challenge.

Potion Making and Chasing the Snitch is the most fun in this game. You actually have to put in inexpedience into the potion, stir it, shake some bottles before adding them and heat up the cauldron. It really is a lot of fun and I always looked forward to these challenges.

Playing Seeker has you chasing after the snitch in a rail kind of way where you have to just aim to get the flyer through the stars to increase the time you have to get to the snitch.

It really is the best Harry Potter game so far and I'm looking forward to what the next games have to bring. (get out of the castle a bit).