The Half Blood Prince is good if you like Harry Potter

User Rating: 7.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC
The Half blood prince is not entirely a bad game. Some of its gameplay content is really fun. I am a big Harry Potter fan and that is the reason i purchased this game. Well overall I was not entirely disappointed. the dueling interface in this game is I guess the best in the series. However exploring, collecting and quidditch are mediocre. A good and new concept of potion brewing is also added, its awesome at first but it gets really repetitive and loses its charm.

The game is in all short but fun. If you have fun in exploring every corner of Hogwarts you will be sucked for a good amount of time, on the other hand if you just play the story part then its going to get over really soon.

The dueling is the star of the game, it has everything that is required, dodging, spell casting, funny animations etc. Particularly the spell casting part is really good, while casting the spell you have to move your controller or mouse in a distinct pattern to cast the respective spell. This concept actually goes for the whole game but is much fun in dueling. You can stun your opponents or you can hang them upside down.

The qudditch is as usual the same. You have to make harry potter fly through rings to catch the snitch. Its like a checkpoint system, every time you fly through a ring you get a time boost. Its nothing much but its not that bad.

The potion brewing is one of the new additions. According to the gameplay and the story harry potter reads the ingredients and the method from Advanced Potion Making book belonging to Half Blood Prince. In this part of the game you can mix ingredients, stir the potion, heat it and a lot more. But if you do something wrong smoke comes out and covers the screen. Its actually Fun.
But the major problem is there is so much of this lengthy potion making that after some time one really gets tired of it.

Now for exploration. Well to be honest its fine but nothing to be amazed about. You have to collects shields throughout the game, if you collect enough you get a health boost in dueling. Collecting shields is not at all difficult, all you have to do is click on the shining lights throughout Hogwarts. Moreover some type of shields are blocked by gates and barriers. You can throw objects by using wingardium leviosa at the barriers to break them or you can break the shields as well take the bits out and then repair them back. Its not difficult, if you play the game you will really get the hang of it.

The game does not narrate the story very nicely, bu if you have read the book there is no need. So overall if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you should go and get this game. You will have fun.