If you actually liked the Harry Potter movies, than this game unfortunately, is not for you.

User Rating: 5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince WII
So I've been a fan of the Harry Potter series to some extent and in the past I have generally some what enjoyed playing the video games. This game however, is nothing like what I have played in the past in terms of Harry Potter games.

The plot which is supposed to go along with the traditional Harry Potter storyline has been deformed and changed to the point of confusion where you would actually need to see the film before playing this. Events occur which have never happened in the film leaving the player confused as to how far they are in the game.

Obviously because this game was played on the Wii there are obvious differences to if this game was played on Xbox 360, or PS3 as the controller gives the player a bit more involvement and lets you wave the nun-chuck around, much like the wands they use in the game/movie. This aspect of the game I would have to admit i have nothing really to complain about.

Now on to the graphics aspect of the game. Unfortunately in this review, I did not save the best for last. I would have to say the graphics for this game were quite the letdown (this may be due to the fact I'm used to playing on high-def consoles). The graphics were not up to my standard mainly because they were the equivalent to graphics of a HP game you would play on PS2.

All in all, the game was quite disappointing and I cannot say i would recommend it to other people.