Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Is The Best Harry Potter Game

User Rating: 9.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PS2
Is A Very Very Good Game, Very Well Made The Levels Of Quidditch, The Graphics They are excellent, The gameplay has a 10, Little Easy But Very Addictive, Textures, The Music, The Environment, The Battles, All Perfect, did not leave a single thing wrong, Everything who claims that The Game Is Bad, it just to be bothersome, Returning to the Review, the game is very faithful to the film, I Than the next Be Faithful Like This, I Wait than the next VideoGame be faithful like this, Spells by Le I 9.5, The Sectumsempra not be able to use, Just That will not remove points in this game So Good, Gameplay in The Quidditch, Perfect, very perfect, I really like how this Inspired Game, Besides that, the best game I've played based on a movie, there's nothing else to say, It's Just That, I recommend is very good, if you want a game of Harry Potter, This Is The Best Choice,