Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is not what it is cracked up to be

User Rating: 6 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PS3
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was before release very exciting. We thought we were going to get a game that blew us away. We thought It was going to be better than The Order of the Phoenix. But it wasn't. In fact I think this game is a total let down. I thought there would be more action and more levels to the game. All you will find yourself doing in this version of the classic Wizard film, is boiling potions, flying, and occasionally learn a new spell, and duel fellow opponents of another house.

What put me off the most in this game is the sheer difficulty of boiling potions becomes. As well as needing to look for the correct bottles and ingredients, a timer counts down and when it reaches zero, you must retry at creating the potion. As you can imagine this becomes increasingly frustrating at times, and just forces you to want to play either another game, or turn off the PS3 system.

Another letdown to this game is the flying. As many players of the older games will know, flying use to allow you to fly freely and you were required to move onto the sntch using your own concentration and skill. However, EA have decided to include floating stars as an aid to help catch the Snitch. Your task when these stsrs appear is to fly through each one in succession to catch the snitch and win Gryfindor 150 points, and win the game.

At odd unexpected times you will get a story shortcut, but these wither last second and require you to either duel a character or find hidden items, which is pretty easy to spot, since they are shown on your map.

This game is not what many people expected and a letdown to all fans of the series. Hopefully, next year, The Deathly Hallows game will be better than this version.