The worst game in the Harry Potter series. This game was clearly rushed and lost all the old charms.

User Rating: 3 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
JKRs Goblet of Fire novel was a huge epic story. It took me days to finish reading it all. It was exciting, scary and signaled a change to come in the series. It was like a turning point at the school life of our teenage wizard hero. The movie couldn't show it all (and made it worse by adding unnecessary scenes). Up until that I thought the movie was the worst adaptation of JRK's fourth novel in the famous fantasy line. But when I played the game for the first time, my ideas changed. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the WORST GAME in the series EVER! (until Deathly Hallows games)

The game lacks all the materials its predecessors had. Touring the castle, visiting Hagrid's hut, fooling around in the dungeons and exploring the very deepest corners of the castle. All gone. The so called 'adventure' has an almost non-existent story and a routine of trackbacks and collection of some nonsense called 'Triwizard Shields' and very little short near-inanimate video cut-scenes to glue it all together somehow. The only few character models actually in the game are Harry, Hermione, Ron, Arthur, Moody, Voldemort and the monsters. That's it! The developers were really lazy.

The only good changes include the ability to choose between Harry, Ron and Hermione in normal quests and the added RPG elements with cards those can be equipped to boost an aspect of that character like stamina or jinxing power. These aren't the classic wizard cards mind you, which were WAY more fun to collect. The harry potter games have suddenly grown up and matured too fast and thus it washed all colors and made it dull and boring.

The game is short and only extended through its insane difficulty. You cannot unlock the final level until you get x amount of Triwizard Shields, for which you have to trackback over and over again. Participate in triwizard tournaments again. The game was also a victim of console port nerfing. Which means the PC version's superior capability was ignored and the console port was brought over. There are no mouse support.

All I can say that this game is boring, too repetitive and has zero replay value. It was clearly rushed. The graphics may be good to look at but something all eye-candy and no material is hardly worth getting. What really bothers me is that EA screwed it up during the times of one of the best and crucial story in the world of Magic.