An improvement upon the older games, but still not what it should be.

User Rating: 7 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
Following the story of the 4th Harry Potter book, you return to Hogwarts and you're entered into the triwizard tournament.

The story is just used to create a thread to weave exploration of stages really. Unlike the older games, you are not asked to go from one challenge to the next. in this one you're set loose in a kind of free roaming world and you're asked to collect shields to unlock the next stage. This is actually really a good idea. Much better than the last games.

Beans are also collected as in the first 3 games, and in this one it's used to purchase upgrades that can be equipped to your characters. You can pick which of the characters you would like to play as. Harry, Ron or Hermoine. Each one has it's own set of cards and when used, upgrades your Stamina or Jinx's power.

The AI for the other 2 unplayed characters isn't wonderful I must admit and it is sometimes frustrating especially when you need their help to move stuff around.

The goblet of fire was one of the better HP games, though I didn't like the "from the top" view they are using in this game. I'm hoping the next ones will be over the shoulder again.