Very disappointing EA made this game suck,for those harry potter fans who want's to play this DON'T! play the Lego HP...

User Rating: 1.5 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PSP
Graphics: 4/10
The graphics of the game suck!!! (Bult HP 6 is worse!!)...Harry looks like a drunk person here!

Gameplay: 3/10
If only I can Kedvra this game's gameplay cause it sucks!!! Who needs spells like Wingardium Leviaosa and Stupify!!!! The minigames doesn't help make it fun.Upgrading your characters is bad cause there's no change w/ your health or strength.

Sound: 4/10 The sound is good but the voice acting sucks!!! Casting spells sounds like a lazer shooting at creatures and the dragon needs to have a better sound cause I ain't terrified w/ that!

Replay: 1/10
Once your done w/ the game your done.There's nothing to look forward to after you finished the game. Even Though there's a lot of minigames it doesn't make the game fun like HP 7 or HP 6.

Overall: 4/10
It's a game that fun at the start and get's worse w/ spells and levels....... All in all it's BORING w/ boring spells.