A good game for for new Harry Potter video game fans, but a disapointment for older ones.

User Rating: 6 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
A good game for new Harry Potter video game fans, But a disapointment for older ones. In the past ones you got to explore the castle and find wizard cards. In this exactly the oppasite. Now you have levles and not even one secret.! Gameplay is very difficult and when your battling creatures there allways seems to be more waiting for you. However if you are a Harry Potter fan you would still probally enjoy playing this game like I did. Even though it is pretty bad casting spells now are funner and collecting beans to unlock bonus cards is fun too. The first time you play each level is exciting, but when you have to find tri-wizard sheilds it gets slightly boring. It also has great graphics which also makes it grow on you. Even though it is nowhere as good as earlier Harry Potter games, it will entertain you to a point.