At Times, Its fun, but its nothing you can just pick up and play and stay happy with.

User Rating: 4.9 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PSP
First off. This was my first HP game to play and beat.. now if all Potter games are like this, then, well, i dont plan on playing any more.. Not that its BAD, its just too short, it dont tell a big story at all,and its a total letdown.

You statrt off doing The basics. Mad eye teachesyou a few Spells.. and thats it, your off to explore a few places... like Hogwarts EXTERIOR, which is pretty plain and dull...

You start off facing the dragon where you just race on your Broomstick trying to Get away from the dragon.. only instead of getting away from him, you just dodge his fire attacks as they smash the ground shooting up flames. And you got to finish about 4 other missions and the game is complete! but! you gut to find Quite a few Tri wizard shiels toget to the Tri wizard tournament 2 and of course 3.... And thats basically all you do in the game..

You get to play as Harry,Ron,or Hermione, but only on a FEW levels... Not very exciting. There is No interactives with People.... Ron or Hermione, harry will respond pointlessly to a few spells while casting them upon Other objects.

The Levels are pretty short, they are not that fun to beat.. at all. And the fight with voldemort Easy,it wasnt even funny,nor fun. You can get stuck on the first 2 tournaments, but You can get past them after awhile. no big deal.

I expected more from this. Interactive People, being able to chat withyour friends around Hogwarts, maybe over 20 missions Exploring MOST of what harry did In the movie..Since we know they cant make anythingcorrect coming from the book... i would not cionsiuider anyone to Buy this game.. Just rent it for god sakes, you could easily return it the first day. The Graphics are not BAD, but they are for sure not good.. Everything looks weird and mis matched if you know what i mean.. Like harry looks all white in the game, it seriously looks like someone painted him a shiny white, and you notice this in cut scenes........ But his hands look fine, and the sides of his face, but his FACE looks wehite! along with other characters.

The sound is horrible, and wow, its juts strictly bad,annoying,just turn the sound off ok?... alrighty then

If your a HP fan like me, then all means, Play it, But a disappointment is just ahead of you.