Good, fun game that Harry Potter fans should enjoy, though it could've been longer with only 10 levels.

User Rating: 7.6 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PS2
Point of the Game: To win the Triwizard Tournament and survive Voldemort.

Gameplay: 8

In each level you can choose to be Harry, Ron or Hermione, and lead the other two. The gameplay is good, spells are easy to use which makes it very fun. You can improve the 3 by buying cards to improve certain aspects for each of them. To buy these, you need to collect beans in the level.

Graphics: 8

The graphics are great as well. You wouldn't expect much more than what it's got. The characters look very realistic and are looking better every game.

Sound: 7

The sound is good, but sometimes it sounds a bit blurry. Not the voices, they're great, it's mainly the sound effects, especially when there's fire. It could be a bit more sharper.

Value: 6

This game definitely would be over 8 if this game was longer. 10 Levels isn't enough. They're fairly long, but it's the amount of levels that is the main problem of the game.

Overall: 7.6

This is a fantastic game that all Harry Potter fans should like, that is only let down by value.