I was very dissapointed with this game............

User Rating: 4 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PS2
-triwizard levels were fun.
-spells look good.
-2 player mode.
-played by levels,no exploring the castle.
-constant backtracking for the shields.
-pretty boring levels.

I thought I’d enjoy this game as I loved the 2nd and 3rd games because exploring the castle was brilliant but this game was dissapointing.For one thing you could only play as Harry.Another thing was that you had to play by levels.I hated that as it meant I couldn’t explore the castle.Another thing was having to collect the shields to get to the next level as it meant I had to keep backtracking.The multiplayer was funner but not much more.The graphics are good,well designed backgrounds.And the sound was good enough.The only fun bits on this game really were the triwizard levels.But still don’t buy this game,I would rent it if you’re a Harry potter fan though