sad very sad bad job ea bad job

User Rating: 2 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
I cant belive I am saying this about a harry potter game but do not buy or play this the controls are horrilbe and I cant belive they took away the mouse what were they thinking really the first games were so good but this just sucks but besides the bad controls and no mouse this game is frustratingly hard and makes playing this game boring all you think about while playing this is wow this game sucks the spells suck the overall game play just sucks and haveing ron and hermony follow you doesnt make the game easyer but more difficult and frustrating and why would they change the controls I mean you would think they would have left it alone and just made more of the same so that it might have actually been playable but no ea said lets make a terrible game and make fans of the oringinal games angery even thouht the movie was fine and the book was fine but the game is awful dont play and dont wast your money and go play the first or secound to see what a real harry potter game is